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(10-13-2017, 06:15 AM)
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Google Play really needs to give you the ability to delete/hide titles in your library (not just on a device, but from the cloud library). For some reason Google Play movies still not syncing into MA for me. Hopefully it'll catch up in a few.

Also, man, why does Google seem to just not care at all about aesthetics? Like 60-70% of my movies in Google Play have just awful, low resolution, tacky marketing-filled box arts, and they have to put a big play button right in the middle of every single one. Amazon is almost just as bad. I don't really care since I'll be using iTunes and Apple puts a lot of effort into making sure their box art is crisp, clean, and as tasteful/minimal as possible, but that would really annoy me if that was where I wanted to access my library from on the regular.

Originally Posted by Tragicomedy

I can't get stuff to appear on iTunes. The site and app both say they're linked. Everything else from Vudu and Amazon have synched up.

Oddly enough, it says I'm linked properly. When I go to disconnect Apple, it doesn't show up under iTunes as a connected service. I'll give it a day then make a phone call I suppose.

Anyone else dealing with that?

Have you tried going to your purchase history page on the iTunes Store? It synced for me when I did that.