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(02-17-2017, 07:07 PM)
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Originally Posted by Ahasverus

Why do people hate Cybirg? he looks like Cyborg. I don't know how further you could take the design tbh.

I have the same questions. I think him and Flash look like their respective characters. If you showed me those 2 without any context, I'd go, "yep, that's Flash and Cyborg". I realize Cyborg has that Transformers over design element to him, but I don't mind it for an alien tech humanoid. Why does alien tech have to look like our ideas of what technology or robotics look like? It should look kind of organic and fantastical.

EDIT - Still don't like that tech suit on Batman. The goggles are ruining it for me. I don't mind one or two scenes, but if he's fighting the end boss in that thing, I'm gonna be pretty upset. His BvS suit is still the GOAT. Dunno why they even bothered to change it for this movie's regular suit (ie they added the ab muscle plates for some reason).