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(02-14-2013, 02:26 PM)
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Originally Posted by krizzx

Everyone seems to be avoiding saying that Sony is (as what may be inevitably so) copying Nintendo.

So now we have smartglass and the "eyepad". I wonder the people who insisted on the controller with a screen in it just being a gimmick and praising the others for not having one will have to say now.

This patent has nothing to do with remote play (which, you know, Sony's offered on select games for quite a long time on their portables).

It's about having a touchpad on a controller with a depth camera or pair of cameras around the touchpad so that a volume around the trackpad can detect and track objects - like fingers or other smaller objects. If the touchpad happened to be a screen it would be sort of irrelevant to the functionality this patent describes.

Anyway, by the sound of rumours this isn't in the final PS4 controller, the depth-cameras around the touchpad. Maybe it's an idea they were toying with during development of PS4's controller though.