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(06-13-2008, 09:25 PM)

Originally Posted by Mudo

I didn't want to post anything but I decided to go look on and there it was. This HAS to be a total hoax, elaborate for sure but it can't be real. Just read the 3 "reviews" on for the game, all posted on June 12 and all completely tongue in cheek. It's a prank. Even the game's abbreviation is LOL (Limbo of the Lost).

Funny, and I can't wait for it to be confirmed by someone for what it is.

Those Amazon user reviews were written after the news broke.

If this is a hoax, it's incredibly elaborate. It would involve several fake online retailers taking money for orders, three existing publishers (including 1C, which is pretty major), with one of them releasing fake press releases, a guy posting heavily on a developer forum for 3 years just to support a hoax (not only posting, but posting constant code advice for support for his game), then him doing several interviews with adventure game sites over the past year.

And to what end? To have a laugh? It can't be viral for some "big product", as they have violated dozens of copyrights.