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(07-19-2016, 02:22 PM)

Originally Posted by TheKeyPit

I've played enough with Aftershock and Masamune and now I went back to my Dominus: You can tell me all you want, but I know that there is a huge difference with these cars. I'll miss the extra dribbling with the Masamune. Dominus 4 Life. I'm instantly playing better with it.

I've bought all 6 DLC cars on Xbox so far and I'll probably never use them.

Okay, strange. I thought I'd use Masamune for a couple of Duel matches, because of the turning speed and dribbling bonus. Turns out that I'm handling it as good as the Dominus before. Masamune is now my go-to car for Ranked Duel. I could change between both cars from time to time in other matches.


I was Challenger 2 Division 5 and I won a Duel match against a Rising Star and got promoted to Challenger 3 Division 3. Nice jump.