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Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

This is crazy, I really need to play this game again. I've played through Shenmue II but I've never known that I could race ducks in it. Truly an innovation in gaming and can't believe hasn't catched on. It's really the little details that make this game, for example, apparently if you race the ducks on a rainy day you have to race a super fast penguin. Hoollyy shit. Games that try to copy it - like Mass Effect 2 - tend to miss the smaller details that make Shenmue amazing.


Really makes me want to play Shenmue II again; what else have I missed out on???

edit; props to omikaru for showing me this

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You need to beat Eileen and Izumi to unlock it; it's buried relatively deep and is rather hidden from the main questline. Shenmue I & II are both full of little things like this, such as Fangmei's birthday.