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Originally Posted by Earl Cazone

I knew about this.
This is one of the things why shenmue is one of the best games of all time. most people saying it isnt, just did not like the controls or amount of dialogue in this game. but the amount of sidemissions and stuff you could explore if you just looked is astounding.
i think there is NO other game with as much attention to detail. there were so many optional cutscenes that game information about characters and the world you played in. wonderful. shenmue is astounding.

Yeah, the game was full of content if you took the time to look around and talk to everyone, as such I am a bit surprised so many people have not seen the duck race before. Both games are such an amazing experience.

I'll have to replay the game soon, it's been too long.

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Edit: I should also give props to Ziming from the Shenmue Dojo for showing me the video in the first place.

Aww, man Shenmue Dojo is back up? It brought a tear to my eye when it closed down, glad to see its return. All the crazy editing by LanDC (I think) is what drove me to mod my Xbox and replace the english voice files with japanese ones from my Dreamcast version.