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Originally Posted by Ridley327

The Greasy Strangler is definitely much more of an absurdist anti-comedy in the same vein as Tim & Eric, but you may yet be terrified at all the fake penises the film throws at you from beginning to end. You may also catch yourself shouting "bullshit artist" from time to time, too.

Heh. I don't watch Tim & Eric so I don't have a frame of reference for that, but I love the Greasy Strangler trailer so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Originally Posted by kevin1025

Since I only started my love of horror relatively recently, all of these lists are showing a ton of my blind spots. I need to get on some of these Italian horror movies, it seems like!

Oh man, Italian horror is a world of its own. First you have amazing, genre defining stuff like the work of Bava, but then you have all the knockoff schlock from the 80s. It's one crazy rabbit hole.