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((Actually, hold on with the fast forward))

While the others run off to secure the glurg, Keranos has one more ace up his sleeve.

He makes a beeline to the Chamber of Ance and seeks out Majority Leader Sahalish. He deliberately avoids getting into a room alone with her, hoping to catch her on her way back from the voting site, but going inside to find her if necessary.

"Madame Sahalish," he says pleasantly, "Would you care to join me for a quick stroll outside?"

Wherever she agrees to speak to him, he begins the conversation, somewhat louder than might actually be necessary.

"I've come to check with you on your progress with Malador before my friends and I leave town. Did he know anything about the clown-creature called Coulro?"

He immediately begins broadcasting into her mind. Listen carefully. It's possible I'm being followed, so don't react outwardly to any of this.

There is a criminal organization called the Kin, holding an associate of ours for ransom. We are in possession of a dangerous, mind- and body-altering substance that I am certain would be outlawed if the powers that be were aware of its existence, and the Kin have strongarmed my allies into giving them a large quantity of the substance in exchange for the release of our friend.

I don't want these Kin to get their hands on this glurg, but the safe release of our friend is a major concern of ours. We have been given a location and a time at which to meet for the exchange. Any help you may be able to provide would be invaluable, and I would consider it overpayment for my efforts in rescuing your house from mental domination, and in fact would owe you an additional favor.

Now quickly, answer the question about the clown, so your silence isn't overly suspicious.