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Simply because we have yet to really see such a thing happen in games to the extent Microsoft was talking about. GAF is typically very cynical about unproven things. Especially when they've been lied to in the past about it.

I believe it's possible, but Microsoft is gonna have to prove themselves for people to accept it.

Plus I really do think it's going to depend on very situation specific things, generally about processing a larger world behind the scenes rather than what's immediately going on. There might be some potential there strictly for enemy AI as it'd be the same as facing other people, except with a high end bot machine instead of a human, but you might not actually WANT the best AI for a straight shooter or something, maybe for games involving something else like stealth or at least huge teams. And almost anything about improving PERFORMANCE is a farce.

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It's all about latency.

It's possible for Gaikai to have the same input lag as your console (133ms). But 133ms is was too long for the most real-time calculations. The only exception are maybe AI calculations of open world games like calculating people and cars of the entire city and not just in an area around the player in GTA for example.

Yeah, and it's why the graphic boosting idea likely wouldn't work: it essentially has to be all or nothing, you can't make Cloud Computing handle some of the graphic processing while the rest is done locally, otherwise we'd have heard about USB add-ons to make games look better by now I'm sure. And getting that data form the cloud will be a fuckton slower than off USB 2.0, nevermind 3.0.