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It's mostly animating everything on "ones", which means there's a uniquely drawn frame for all 24fps of animation. Pretty much all Other animation is done on "twos" or "threes" to reduce the work load. Additionally, every frame is hand drawn and inked to maintain a sufficient level of roughness that gets polished out of modern animation.

You also have to do ridiculous stuff like animating every single frame of a rotating object, rather than relying on a single frame and rotating it in engine.

For the actual characters, we mimic the "rubber hose" look of the era, which is all the noodley arms and legs. The characters also generally bounce to an unheard beat instead of standing still.

Hand painting the backgrounds helps too.

So if Rotoscoping is the technique used to make the traditional hand drawn cartoons, what would you name what you guys do if you could? Or is there already an official name for it?

I'm still bitter and heartbroken over you not liking my OT title btw. Cuphead |OT| Rotoscope Blend... Maybe I need to explain it better? It suggests that the cup is full of rotoscope blend tea... Your game is emulating Rotoscoped animation... Rotoscope animation is old and timeless, just like tea... Tea is good for you and everyone should do it... Just like your game.