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(09-14-2017, 03:13 PM)
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Originally Posted by Ben Morales

For bad 6* obelisks, use them to change the option on those locked gears you're upgrading. Once the locked gear becomes 6*, you can use a bad 6* to re-roll the stats.

Thanks, didn't know that. I had been locking gears with good top stats already so I didn't accidentally use them.

Got what I hope are good gears on Dormammu (ignore dodge + fire damage + energy shield) and Phoenix (crit damage + fire damage + invincibility) now.
Just need one more 6 star chaotic ISO and Phoenix is ready to roll (I used to have hundreds of chaotic ISO and now am struggling to farm enough of them).

Originally Posted by Frostinferno

For the curious.

Umm, I don't understand what I'm looking at here? :/