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Originally Posted by Golden_Pigeon

It's not arbitrary since he was accused of leaking sensitive and classified video:

What the difference between that and Snowden/Manning etc.. ? I mean, you can say that it's a great thing to do, that the state action should be exposed etc... but it's still a felony to publicize secret documents.

Edit: I do think it's condemnable that Erdogan press charges on people insulting him, so i don't have to justify it. If i follow the cases actually, he finally drop a good part of the cases. I don't think it have nothing to do with dictatorship either, many people don't know that it's actually illegal in most countries to insult someone.

And you fail to address the point again. How can you pretend "things have improved" when Erdogan himself has aggressively used a previously unused law to suppress dissent? You lament him being imprisoned for reading a poem but shrug off him doing the same to others. How many hundreds of political prisoners must there be before even your cognitive dissonance cracks?

All this effort, just to defend another run-of-the-mill autocrat.