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(07-18-2017, 03:57 AM)

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And you fail to address the point again. How can you pretend "things have improved" when Erdogan himself has aggressively used a previously unused law to suppress dissent? You lament him being imprisoned for reading a poem but shrug off him doing the same to others. How many hundreds of political prisoners must there be before even your cognitive dissonance cracks?

All this effort, just to defend another run-of-the-mill autocrat.

It's better for many reasons i have cited before. Also you can check the various index about freedom in Turkey to see that it's not homogenous and that in many cases, it's an improvement. In some aspect, it have deteriorated.

Also, we can clearly separate the Erdogan before the Syrian crisis and after. So it's not all about Erdogan but about regional politics as well. It's not the same to rule during a favorable context (where AKP excelled in every aspect) and in a very harsh one, with the break of the PKK truce and the tensions with Russia, Iran and Syria. The failed coup made everything even worst.