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(07-01-2014, 11:48 AM)

Originally Posted by Ramrock

How the mighty have fallen....

Doing a 3DS or Vita game would be "fallen" far more than doing a iOS/Android game. iOS/Android are way bigger platforms who sell a ton more games in both $$ and in quantity than any other handheld could dream of.

People need to stop acting like iOS/Android are some how lower. The other handhelds, hell the CONSOLES wish they could have the kind of gaming revenue as iOS/Android brings in. iOS/Android is a major element of the gaming industry that would be far worse shape right now without it.

I mean making games on the most successful gaming platforms in the industry today or making hardcore gamers on a message board happy? I mean it's silly to assume most developers would pick the later. Especially small ones like Mistwalker.