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Originally Posted by Sage Shinigami

Yeah, that's where I usually place it. But was The Last Story even that good? I hear varying things.

*prepares for that trend to continue*

It compares unfavorably when associated with fellow OP Rainfall game Xenoblade, which had more ambition, scope, wilder plot twists, vibrant use of color to build an awe-inspiring dreamworld, and without various performance drops. Xenoblade is just a better built game.

... But I liked The Last Story better anyway. The gameplay did interesting new things interacting with the squad, the cinematic puzzle boss battles were memorable set pieces, the sidequests were weightier then MMORPG fetch quests (occasionally consisting of full chapters in themselves), and a swift-paced 25-30 hr adventure.
And the outfits are more stylish and have better customization, this is super important.