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(08-22-2012, 08:03 PM)

Originally Posted by mclaren777

Buy a Canon 60D and a 24-105mm lens by taking advantage of the Canon Loyalty Program (I send them my broken P&S, they give give me an additional 20% off the price of refurbished cameras/lenses).

($800 + $919) x 0.8 = $1500 after tax

I then sell my Canon T2i/550D and its 18-55mm kits lens for $500. The end result is that I get a 60D & 24-105mm for the same price as buying a new 24-105mm, which was my original plan.


I like the idea of this plan, however I would spend another $450 and upgrade to the 7D instead. (1358 + 919) x 0.8 = $1950 after tax.