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There was a post toward the bottom of the last page (50 ppp, yeah, I know) that was curious about going with the X10 or RX100. Let me start by saying I think the Sony P&S looks absolutely phenomenal. It's getting rave reviews just about everywhere, takes incredible pictures, and is one of those products that proves Sony still has it in them when they try. And with all that said, it really is exactly what others might think I was looking for - an extremely portable camera with professional-grade build and specs for quality photography. But the thing is, it just wasn't what the gadget-guy in me wanted. It's too simple. Too plain. Too "gift for grandma" for me. Should one be concerned with what a camera looks like? Probably not. But I kinda like something with a little more "serious" look to it. And the X10 has just that. Furthermore, I imagine it fits much better in my large hands than the RX100 would have.

That would be me. Nice right up man and sweet photos.

My only problem with X10 is that my sister loves using the optical viewfinder on my Canon 600d, but the x10 doesn't have the sweet hybrid viewfinder of x100/xpro 1.

When I was trying to take a picture with the x10, there was no HUD or info of my settings on the optical viewfinder, and worst of all no focus dot or anything. I didn't know what I was focusing on and only heard a beep. This made me think the x10's optical viewfinder is useless and Ill just end up using the LCD screen/evf to get the job done. Which isnt as cool as using a dslr and what my sister wanted.

I know rx100 doesnt have a optical viewfinder, but x10's viewfinder seems useless. Is it true? or I didn't check it properly enough?