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Whoa ... new page.

Originally Posted by eek5

Generator monk is so fun. Monk is life bros!

Just need the helm that I had no idea I needed when I salvaged 50 of them prior.

EDIT: Also ...


I told someone last week to add me and that I would put them into the clan. However if I don't recognize your name when you invite me, I won't accept the invitation and bump someone for your slot. If your tag differs from your GAF name please send me a PM on GAF with your battle tag so I can confirm who's asking for invites. I currently have an invite I will not be accepting in my inbox on

I don't want to kick people for lurkers.

Originally Posted by eek5

Just because your second char hit GR60 faster doesn't mean it is more OP lol. It's always easy gearing up a second char because you have level 60+ gems, all the resources to gamble and roll, etc.

My 2 hr monk was speed farming T8 w/ generator/sage and my 1 hr monk was doing GR50s

Also the later you are in the season the easier it gets to leech.

Your WD still OP :P