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(05-09-2017, 04:42 PM)
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Originally Posted by lucebuce12

Exactly, more people start playing the PC version inspires more PS4 players to get back into it means more people in general.

Also finding lobbies has become a lot more reliable with the latest patch. I NEVER found any lobbies before but with the new update, I can always find a few. And the people who live in Latin America, North America or Europe should have a much more convenient time of it. The netcode is really not bad at all, definitely better than KoF XIII's .

Though this would all be pointless if there's no crossplay :(
Regarding the fireball, it often happens that due to the game's input buffer favouring DPs over fireballs that a DP comes out over a fireball. An easy counter to that is to do a half circle motion for a fireball instead of a qcf.

Yeah, the netcode is pretty solid. I have trouble playing Angel, but most other characters are no problem. I guess I haven't looked for lobbies in awhile. It was rough finding random matches. Might have been the random times I was looking.

Hope it has crossplay if just to set a precedent.