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And some tips from the DokkanGaf community:
  • Close the app before getting hit by a super attack
  • The higher a character's defense is, the more HP they'll receive when grabbing a ki orb of its own element
  • When scrolling through your character list, you can quick scroll using multitouch. The more fingers used, the faster the scroll.
  • You can also reach the bottom and top of your lists by clicking on either the total number at the bottom of the screen or hitting the banner above your characters.
  • Conserve damage % reduction items and other rare item drops for late game/DA events.
  • Ask for team building advice before awakening characters
  • Read up on characters from the banners or ask for advice before pulling
  • Zawakening can increase the chance to raise supers for characters
  • Cards with the character name can be used to increase their SA during training.
  • When going over squares that give ki to a character you can close the app before the picture of the character goes away, and when you relaunch it you will be where you were before you moved and can get the ki to another character
  • Its better to have a team that links well over a team full of powerful characters that don't mesh well
Thanks to the DokkanGAF, r/DBZDokkanBattle,, Bamco spies, Toriyama, and anyone else who's made us want to continue playing this damn game. xD