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Originally Posted by GJS

I can't stand reading PDF articles on the PC but I've been breezing through them on the iPad. I haven't had a chance to test annotation/highlighting in some of the program's like goodreader or papers though, as I have just been researching directly in the ipad and using iBooks atm.

What I've seen of those third party reference managers and PDF program's looks great though.

Originally Posted by JAGII

I've been using Goodreader, and its worked great. I'm an English grad student, so between writing my diss and teaching, I'm constantly reading/referring to articles. Having on them on the iPad is a heck of a lot better than keeping stack of file boxes and pulling various articles to bring to class. I've had to alter my annotation process, but I'm surprised at how quickly I've picked up on a new style.

That said, I've only had my iPad for a few weeks, and Goodreader is the only app I've used. There may be others that work better, but I'm very pleased with this one so far.

Originally Posted by Enco

Yes, with PDF Expert.

It's amazing. Makes things infinitely easier. PDF Expert is by far the best option there is. Brilliant Dropbox integration and a really sexy retina design. Well worth the price.

Thanks for the input guys. I wonder if I could mention it to my advisor and hope good things happen :lol.

I think I'm going to go check one out in a store. My primary reason for wanting a tablet would be for reading papers and marking them up. The cost is a little hard to swallow though.