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(02-13-2012, 11:04 AM)
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So I'm going kinda crazy here with performance issues. I want to ask you guys:

Has anyone played Xenoblade or Skyward Sword with a CONSTANT 30 fps in a high resolution (3x or 4x native ) without any framedrops whatsoever? If so, what kind of rig do you have, and what build did you use? I thought 2500k@4,5GHz would be sufficient, but even after tons of googling for optimal settings, trying different builds etc, I still have to lower to 2,5x native res to get rid of 99,9% of framedrops. Ideally I would like to play at 4x. Are other people simply less picky than me, and it's in fact impossible to get perfect emulation, or am I doing something wrong?