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(12-14-2016, 08:27 AM)
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Originally Posted by Vipu

Nop, not DMR not gonna give more "tips"!

Cold War? That thing deals 7200 DPS to titans when crit and amped. But it's pretty hard to hit crits with that thing right?

Highest DPS to Titans in each class according to the sheet:

Rifles: Hemlok at 2712.5
SMG: R97 at 2970 (!)
LMG: Devotion at 2700
Sniper: DMR at 2030
Shotgun: Mastiff at 1040 (lol and it is almost impossible because all 8 horizontal spread pellets must crit)
Grenadier: if count direct impact only then it is SMR at 4000, if counts splash too which I don't know if it works on Titans then it is Cold War at 7200.