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(12-14-2016, 08:52 AM)
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Originally Posted by The Antitype

This. It just slows the game (or at least, that particular engagement) to a halt. You basically just wait, or run and hide, and re-engage.

It's the 'Armor Lock' of TitanFall.

There are a few changes they could make. Let EMP grenades take the shield down immediately? None of Tone's shots that pass through the shield contribute to or receive lock-on (you could bullshit some lore reason about 'interference' pretty easily)? Or, if everything else fails, you could jack up the recharge rate of the shield like 5x so that you have to be more selective about when you use it.

I don't think it's OP necessarily, but it does hurt the entertainment value of Titan engagements IMO.

Tone should have gun shield like Legion. I swear Scorch 1 on 1 gets destroyed by Tone. I try to avoid the situations because I'm running Nuclear Scorch, but with the reload times, the canister reload,etc. = I get owned.