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(06-03-2009, 06:22 AM)
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Ok, so i will humbly describe my impressions of some of the games I saw at E3 today.

Firstly I will like to say that IMO we are finally starting to see a shift in development towards the wii this year. Nintendo's console presence was notably stronger. The funny thing is that there seems to be a really good balance between casual offerings and more robust hardcore games too.

ok, so on to some game's impressions:

Firstly and most importantly New S Mario Bros. Wii:

I went to E3 with two friends, both of which where completely meh about the whole idea of this game. They both left the show saying not only they where completely sold on the idea, but furthermore stating it was the game they had the most fun with in the entire show. I share the sentiment. It is a perfect blend of familiar and freshness. It really is what you would imagine a mario platformer would be in co-op. How they havent done this before I dont know, and yet the concept is so flawlessly simple and addictive. THIS will be the biggest seller this year, once you play it you just have to have it. BTW, i am one of the New super mario bros. DS haters. I thought the game wqs unispired, been there done that. This baby is a whole other beast.
It is worth noting, of the whole show, it was the only game i saw people straight out laughing out loud and smiling all the way while playing it. Incredibly surprised and pleased , and once people play it they will become believers, no doubt. It just screams for online play though. I just hope Nintendo delivers on that. Oh, and the koopa kids are in. YAY.

some other games i liked:

FF CC The Crystal Bearers:

This is a ballsy square-enix right here. You read that right. High production values, heave ( and i mean HEAVY) story emphasis abd yet fresh and unique gameplay. The demo starts with the cruise attack you see on trailers, follows with you skydiving through the air, piloting the ship until you crash right into the city crystal-castle thing you all have seen in the trailers. There you get acquainted with the controls. Its a Zelda with telekinesis basically. And it seems to work beautifully. My only problem is the camera control, which is mapped to the directional cross, but it certainly is no deal-breaker. The graphics are knock out gorgeous tw. The texture quality is superb, dont believe the badly compressed trailer.

The Conduit: All im going to say about it is that having been keeping up with this game i was still SUPER impressed at how this game actually looks in person. The internet media doesnt really convey HV accomplishment here. I will now buy no doubt.

Silent Hill: The time i spent with the demo left me impressed and wanting more. The lighting in this game is soooo impressive. the action seems great, but ultimately the game will make or break it by how the whole story and gameplay ties together of course. I will say the feeling of tension seems more present in this game than in any other game I have ever played. If they can keep the experience fresh throughout they have a winner right here.

RE Darkside Chronicles: I really liked RE UC, and this game seems like a bigger version of that game, which is a good thing. I will say that even though it is certainly more dramatic and cinematic, the camera moves A LOT, which may take away from the presition of aiming and will certainly leave some players dizzy. Wether or not this will further immerse players and work better when playing at home remains to be seen. The graphics are ace though.

I will add more to the thread a bit later. im cooking right now lol.