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Originally Posted by The-Switcher

If you had full analog control, you would be fucking unstoppable in RE. Like, that's why the original RE4 became DMC.

The fact that your hampered with tank control, is what balances the game, considering most enemies are slow. This is what makes RE4 as intense as it is. You'd need to be half-way retarded not to realize this.

Honestly, I don't expect RE5 to be better than RE4 as a whole. Simply because few members of the original team are even working on it. And well...Mikami's non-involvement is another reason.

I don't think that was the purpose of it at all. I think it was a Japanese company making a game that could be enjoyed by its home audience that doesn't play FPS games.

I used to be good at console FPS games. Then I quit playing them and am all thumbs when trying to control them. I can't aim to save my life. It's beyond ugly. When I played RE4, I hadn't played a console FPS in like 2 years (went PC exclusive for those.) I was able to play RE4 immediately and had no problems. Capcom did a marvelous job at creating a control scheme that didn't have a massive learning curve. Selfishness aside, that's also good for a game with a large Japanese audience that doesn't play FPS games.