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(06-25-2017, 09:45 AM)
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I laughed when I saw the OP used Artoria for everything but Ruler and Shielder and refused to show anything for Caster because there's no Saberface Caster yet.

Also, geez, I know Chapter 2 sucks balls (and even the writers themselves admitted it), but the story ain't shit. If anything, it's one of the best gatcha game stories out there.

ALSO, HEADS UP EVERYONE: For the launch celebration, you can get a specific 4-star Servant from a pool of 10, the same used for the 4-star tutorial summon (which is separate), meaning that people who jump in early can get two 4-stars on top of getting Artoria Lily.

While people hate on the gatcha chances, the starting summon is extremely generous now - Hercules is a beast, and EMIYA can be upgraded to become a very potent 4-star Archer after around a year, if his strengthening stuff isn't available right off the bat. Rerolling to ensure you get your two faves out of that pool is extremely worthwhile.