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Originally Posted by kayos90

If yall want me actually change some points on the Q&A in addition to adding some I will make them gladly. Just have them in format so i can copy/paste

I do appreciate the OT, so don't get the wrong idea! I just think a few of the listings, mostly for the story and re-rolling procedures and who to aim for, would be helpful.

I'd contribute to the Q&A portion, but unfortunately, my knowledge of the game is somewhat lacking, since I've yet to play it so it's mostly second-hand stuff I read through various outlets. :(

I'd mention that among the starting 4* characters, the ones you can choose for free (thanks to the launch promotion), both Heracles and Emiya are among the best, as they can be brought into end-game content once they are properly-leveled and such. As for the 5* starting characters, assuming we get the same ones Japan had at launch, the only two worth mentioning are Jeanne and Waver. Waver, in-particular, works great with the Emiya you can choose choose to make a powerful duo. Aside from those two, it's best to save your quartz for any rated-up characters that interest you, probably one of the limited-time units that'll show up after launch (Gilgamesh, Okita, Scathach, etc.).