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(12-11-2006, 08:32 PM)
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Count the COMs - three new SOCOM games are in the works. One on PSP and two on PS3

2 on PS3? They need to stop milking this series. Hopefully they can actually figure out a way to make a Socom with a good smooth framerate. ... well yah, I doubt it.

-Mii Crossing - Mii's will be your avatar in the next Animal Crossing. All the shirts and accessories you collect will cross over to other games.

I like this idea.

-Rare is working on a Viva Pinata Kart racing game.

What a waste.

-NFL may drop EA once it's contract expires in a few years.

Yeah right. :lol

EA needs that NFL contract more than anything. NFL is greedy and wants their money.
Just go back to allowing multiple companies to make NFL games.