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(08-13-2017, 03:38 PM)
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Originally Posted by Violet_0

deck WIP e: forgot to set it to public

getting there. About 8 more cards to cut, probably need to either cut tutors or counterspells, can't go much lower on creature count. Estimated price is below 100€ including Jace, I'll go a bit cheaper on the lands. Main problem I see is not enough self-mill/looting, but these cards tend to be not very good. Any suggestions? Oh, I've got to add Entomb

I just threw in 10 mana artifacts for now, 7 2-mana stones, Chrome Mox, Worn Powerstone and Sol. Too many for 36-37 lands?

If you haven't yet, check out EDHrec and see what others have done. It may perhaps give you some insight.