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(08-14-2017, 01:01 AM)

Originally Posted by Violet_0

nah, I'm moving soon and will be in the vicinity of a game store again, so I thought I might join a Commander group once I'm there. I guess I'll just have to check on how cutthroat they are, the comptetive decks are just way above casual decks in powerlevel due to how many degenerate things you can do in the format

Don't minde these, they are a pretty minor subset of EDH. Most people adhere to the 75% or less, there's infinite combos and such plenty but most often it's 3+ card combos.

Personally I like making thematic decks even when those might be bad but then go pretty cutthroat. For instance my Akiri Equipment Voltron deck has 2 infinite combos and a control shell as a backup plan when she's removed too much.