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Originally Posted by Master Milk

if you sat through all of endless eight as it was airing you're probably the type of person it was made for

it's not bad, but it's not good either. it's really bland, and the only appeal comes from already having a deep attachment to the ip

i don't follow the fandom too close, but i think laughing at sarada is the popular thing to do, right?

i've always thought that was unfortunate since her story is the only interesting thing in boruto. watching her have to deal with two broken parents is way more interesting than boruto being a brat about his dad being super popular

I'm not really in the fandom so I wouldn't know. People were certainly laughing when Gaiden was being released but maybe more at Sakura than her.

Boruto 23

Lighter on good action cuts than I hoped for but good nonetheless. Those background animation cuts were real nice, would pay for something bit longer on that front. Kobayashi still a gawd.

It's weird but I think that, Kishi actually had a decent idea for theme for this gaiden, it's just that he's a subtle as a brick through the window and completely lacks finesse to make this more than characters shouting platitudes while punching people while undercutting the entire story with nonsense plot, character actions making no sense etc.