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(06-06-2008, 01:28 PM)
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Homebrew channel beta 8 released! :D


* you donít need to eject your memcards anymore
* switched from IOS35 to IOS21, this makes the hbc usable on older firmwares
* improved SD card loading performance (thanks, svpe!)
* improved some translations
* the IP label isnít cut off anymore
* fixed argv support when loading SD apps
* fixed a minor wiiload issue
* the SD app entries are now sorted alphabetically
* wiimote rumble support
* installer overhaul, it now warns you if your System Menu is too new (future updates)

teh download:

Originally Posted by JoshuaJSlone

So I checked around for a solution to my problems with this version of SNES9x. Found this on another forum:

Using 1 to navigate the menus worked fine. However, once in the game I couldn't get out even with the Classic Controller, so I still didn't get much accomplished. The visuals looked like the same not-quite-VC-sharp, though.

Haha, I went through this. Yeah the key configurations are borked. If you want to return to the menu with the wiimote, Press HOME and + at the same time.