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(04-24-2014, 09:42 PM)
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Originally Posted by Big_Al

It just surprises me that these days retailers would have any say whatsoever in the PC market.

It makes more sense when you consider the majority of AAA revenues come from the console space, where retailer bullying can stop their day-1 hype based sales dead just by not ordering enough copies.

They're not worried about Game not stocking the PC version. They're worried about Game sticking the all formats releases at the back of the shop.

Originally Posted by TGO

I really doubt GAME has anything to do with it, if you was referring to LIVE or PSN then yeah but GAME well nobody actually, hardly sells retail PC games to warrant such a deal.

Funny how this ONLY happens in the UK, and stopped happening entirely while Game were teetering on bankrupcy though.