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Originally Posted by TimeKillr

So do we know exactly the bonuses we get from the carryover?

I'm already at my (lol) 5th playthrough of Z2.1.. It's getting kinda insane. Starting with enough money to max out everyone with 15 slots is crazy.

Not to mention my Crowe gets the self-support, continuous action and size ignore skills + going to 400 in ranged, skill and dodge after the first fight is hilarious. 30k crits on enemies that have 3000 HP! :)

You get 500,000 money and ~100pp and +5 kills for 1 clear
you get 500,000 money and ~100pp and +5 kills for full scenario chart
you get ~10,000 money and ~10pp and +1 kill for each additional clear

So the big things are to have 1 clear + full scenario chart. Additional clears don't do much. I've got both of those so I'm happy! I just hope the game isn't too easy starting with that kind of extra cash and PP.