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Beth Cyra
(02-08-2012, 03:24 AM)
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Originally Posted by zeroshiki

Speaking of Z2 specifically, I really only skip the overlong animations (Crow's animations are mind bendingly boring) and the monsters when they have 0% chance to hit me.

Other than that, I watch everything which, I guess, is the reason my clock is so high.

Crowe's are really bad.

They just keep going and you keep thinking he is going to bust out something cool, but he just never does and it really is him shooting his pistol or little missles for the most part aside from his final attack.

Even the final was bad given how long it takes and what little happens.

I get to keep my game time down because I can't read a freaking lick of Japanese, in fact one of the big reasons I watch all the animations once is because I memorize which attack is which by it's placement on the list and what the animation was. So with the last few the second I leave the map Im holding R1 and I think O? To fast foward everything.