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Originally Posted by zeroshiki

He's poor, he hates women and he has Kiriko's backstory with the special forces thing. The other dude calls him the Tilting Scale (揺れる天秤) too. That's pretty much all he is.

Kind of like how Rand is just a hot-headed dude with a loli wife and really not much else.

That's simplifying it of course but complaining that Crowe is boring like and has nothing when only half his story has played out is silly. Saisei-hen is still going to be his story more or less and the rest of his stuff will play out. Hakai-hen is like the first half of Z1 Rand or Setsuko, just kind going through the story and setting up events until it really gets going.

Besides, he doesn't really hate women and he's one of the few OG mains that isn't a teen or a hot-headed fool, on the male side anyway.