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I can make you pick a fight
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(02-21-2012, 04:26 PM)
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Just going to save it here for posterity

Originally Posted by #gafgundam

10:18 Dunpeal getter robo sucks
10:19 Dunpeal cant dodge and cant take damage
10:19 Dunpeal energy consumption is high
10:21 Dunpeal love shin shine spark though
10:22 Dunpeal still getter sucks as a unit
10:24 Dunpeal well then you tell me how to use getter in Z2
10:25 Lostconfused|work Move it directly next to the enemy
10:25 Lostconfused|work Getter beam
10:25 Lostconfused|work move it directly to next enemy
10:25 Lostconfused|work Getter Beam
10:25 Lostconfused|work repeat until map is clear
10:26 Dunpeal and get mauled by 10 units
10:26 Dunpeal yeah no doesnt work that well
10:28 Dunpeal god mars beats it clean
10:28 Dunpeal even as gaia only
10:32 Lostconfused|work learn to use seishin?
10:32 Dunpeal seishin=?
10:33 Lostconfused|work spirit commands
10:33 Lostconfused|work Getter has three pilots
10:33 Dunpeal and very few SP
10:34 Dunpeal tried maxing getter out but doesnt that well either
10:44 Dunpeal no hating on getter though just dont see it as a top unit