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(03-08-2012, 04:33 PM)
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Originally Posted by Jubern

Oh and for those interested, Z2 Hakai-hen finally came out on PSN, which means it can be played on Vita!
Costs over 7000 yen though, they are out of their fucking minds. The UMD could be found for 3000 or so last time I checked.

For us importers, its technically about the same price for what we could get it, so really wouldn't bother us much in the first place. At most, shopping around, you'd only knock off a few bucks.

YesAsia has it for about $83, which is about 220 yen cheaper. NCSX (where I normally import from), its $88 (7188 yen).

I'll probably take the plunge and get a copy for my Vita.