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Anyhow, since I've played Alpha 2 and am nearing completion in Alpha 3, I definitely want to play Alpha 1, especially since Alpha 1 probably has my favorite cast list for a SRW ever outside maybe Z1. But I can't play Alpha 1 on a console. Waiting for the enemy to take their turns and move is so slow. I get burned out pretty quick. I really really wish they would port it/remake it on a handheld with modern SRW speed. But now that it's on PSN, maybe I should just play it on my PSP. I find I really only get through SRPGs anymore if they're on handhelds. They're just the perfect fit for a portable system since you can do a few unit moves or a turn or two and then put it in sleep mode and come back.

Spoiled yourself a bit with the squad system, eh? Just pace yourself, it's worth the time you put into it (which goes quicker than you think after you get used to things).
It does have a top-notch cast, though. I love any game that lets you play as the regular Dancougar units for a good part of the story before it makes them all combine.

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Just going to save it here for posterity

Haha. I dumped points onto Musashi's defence, Hayato's evasion, and Ryouma's melee. One or the other'll have the seishins to fill in any gaps.

Skill suggestions: Give Musashi Guard and Hit & Away (which is good for following up a tank's attack), and make him the second and third turn tank after using Hayato (with or without Continuous Movement) to charge towards enemy units. Save Ryouma for the tougher units, although letting him take a beating isn't always unwise with his Prevail level.