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(08-23-2016, 01:56 PM)
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Originally Posted by br3wnor

Do you want to be in a relationship now? It's only been a few months since your single, there's nothing wrong with riding this out a bit longer, seems like you're still in the preliminary stages with both girls.

Otherwise you're gonna have to choose because it'll get messy the longer this goes on and the chances of them finding out about eachother could mess things up with both girls.

That being said, compared to a lot of people in this thread, this is a pretty good "problem" to have.

Yeah, right know we do not have any "obligations" toward each other, but they told me they didn't plan to see other people because they didn't want to. I don't plan to meet new people that's for sure. This is just bad timing of having met them almost at the same time.

I do feel like it would bother them if they knew I saw someone else. The reason why I need to find a solution.

But I admit that having to choose between two people I like a lot is a nice problem.