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(12-25-2012, 11:13 PM)

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nobody hates region locking more than me but maybe just maybe there is a reason for this which is nothing to do with anti-consumer decision making.

There might be. I really don't give a damn, though. How does Nintendo not figure that shit out? Oh wait, they're Nintendo. They're in the business of not figuring stuff out.

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wait to the december npd but you do know we had the same things said after launch yet it did 400k even though people there were mountains of units at best buy and other stores. Now it may well of had a terrible december but as we saw a few weeks ago going by the units you see in a store may not be the best indicator.

Yeah, we'll see. Personally, I don't think 400k is very impressive in the month you launch (and the biggest shopping month of the year), especially if you weren't particularly supply constrained. I'd be surprised if the December numbers were very good. The word of mouth around the Wii U isn't very good.