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Anton Sugar
(07-17-2017, 04:58 PM)
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Originally Posted by SG-17

Next movie is a straight remake of POTA?

Given that they've pretty cleanly ended Caesar's story, it is *maybe* a logical time for the story to shift to focus on a human, perhaps after some time has passed (I can't remember how long has passed since the shuttle launched in Rise). That would make it easy for them to establish some new apes, put old familiars into elder roles (Rocket, Maurice), establish some rules in the new society, etc.

Though, I admit, I WOULD like to see more about how they got from this point, to the clothes-wearing, full-speech apes we get in POTA. Or they could just stick with the apes and do POTA from the ape POV, since there really is no crazy "twist" to reveal, like in the original. At least not for the audience.