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Chasm Skulker
(07-18-2017, 02:41 PM)

Originally Posted by Nafai1123

The Colonel and his soldiers incompetence can be chalked up to arrogance. Same reason they thought a fucking wooden wall was going to help them fight off an invasion force. The Colonels position had transcended simple military chain of command into a form of hero worship and idolization. They believed they were the masters of their fate, hence the "beginning and the end" Alpha and Omega stuff they had going on. They believed they could control the apes, and also believed they could fight off a huge fucking army marching at their gates.

I'm a bit more cynical about the wall thing. Its so contrived, its like they came up with it to explain away why the Colonel doesn't just exterminate the apes and needs them for slave labour instead. Because that is actually the sort of thing we are to expect the Colonel would do. But I suppose it's not the kind of movie they wanted to make.