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Buy/Sell/Trade 2013

DISCLAIMER: the NeoGAF administration has no authority over any transactions that are facilitated by this thread and cannot be held responsible for whatever results from using this thread to buy, sell, or trade goods or services. We advise caution and common sense.

This thread is for private transactions, not for advertising your company.

Basic Ground Rules

1. Re-listing sales (aka: do not spam)

Users have commented that at times, some sellers repost their sales too often, making the thread feel cluttered with spam. This is not good. I do not want to set a specific number of posts for re-listing, but I think that it is fair to say that for a user on 50 posts per page, it would be annoying to see the same listings reposted on every single page. The community here feels that 150-200 posts is a good benchmark for waiting before re-listing something. I think it is a reasonable number. I think sellers should use their own digression on this, because the idea is to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

2. No off-site sales or auctions

The Buy/Sell/Trade thread is meant for the community on this forum to buy/sell/trade within the community. It is not a thread for people to promote off-site sales or auctions. If you choose to sell or auction your stuff on a public site elsewhere, that's your decision. Do not spam those things back into this thread. There's a specific function for the thread and linking to your auctions is not that function.

3. No need to whine

Everyone involved is just either looking to buy, sell, or trade something. If someone wants a certain amount of money for something, whether it is worth that amount of money will be determined by the people willing to pay for it. There's no need to guilt people for selling things they got for free, or making a big fuss out of perceived overcharging. It's a free market.

4. No illegal shit

I think this goes without saying, but JUST IN CASE. Do not sell stolen goods (well, first of all, don't steal :P), do not sell pirated goods, do not sell illegal products, or things that might get the forum into trouble. If we get a complain about such stuff, you will get banned, and the listing(s) will get deleted, because... duh. Oh and don't try to trade any of that shit either.

5. Normal forum rules apply

This thread isn't any different from any other thread in terms of general moderation. This means the stuff that's banned elsewhere is also banned here. There usually isn't a problem because there isn't much actual discussion in such a thread which could create the usual problems, but oh boy did it just happen! So yeah, don't do that, please.

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