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Originally Posted by fernoca

Rock Band dug its own grave with the yearly releases, spinoffs and just overall missmanagenent.

Granted, part of the blame lies on EA as a publisher were they even ignored the Wii while GH was selling millions on it, to the point they crapped a Wii game...that moved millions too and then decided to take the Wii more seriously.

Eh, Rock Band did a lot of stuff right. Also, while Rock Band has yearly releases, you gotta remember, Guitar Hero had more than that. At some point Activision was releasing four Guitar Hero games per year.

The big problem with Rock Band was that someone really screwed the pooch when it came to releasing the game outside od the US. The European release of Rock Band 1 was a mess, with the game being delayed for more than a year and then having a limited release in only four countries (UK, France, Germany and Spain).and basically zero promotion. That really screwed over the perception and sales of the game in Europe, while Rock Band was pretty much on par with Guitar Hero in the US, in Europe Guitar Hero reigned supreme.