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Originally Posted by KyanMehwulfe

you know, on this topic... I'm not sure it's underrated or just no one else subjectively cares as much...

but I thought HR had really great weapons. which was surprising because I hated the guns in the original (which was fine and a complete non-factor, and I tried to play stealthy anyhow). I just mean, I went in not expecting to like the gunplay or guns in HR, and sure the gunplay wasn't good... but I really liked the look and sound of the guns.

especially that machine pistol... upgraded the mods of that thing and it was probably one of my favorite guns in a game.

I'm currently replaying HR, and I have to second this. The sounds of the weapons and Jensen's animations using them just feel really good. Even small things like the smooth closing and click of the stun gun when holstering it, or popping in a new dart into the tranquilizer gun after firing all feel really satisfying.