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I'm currently replaying HR, and I have to second this. The sounds of the weapons and Jensen's animations using them just feel really good. Even small things like the smooth closing and click of the stun gun when holstering it, or popping in a new dart into the tranquilizer gun after firing all feel really satisfying.

Yeah... I mean, it's not exceptional in general... the general shotgun isn't very satisfying, though shotguns have always been that way in DX. Even the double-barrel, looks and sounds good but the visual feedback isn't very tangible. And I'm not a fan of the regular rifl or tranq rifle, either, in either game. But a few of them are really satisfying. The silenced rifle has a great plink and hit detection when you really plink someone off. The handgun and stun baton are great... in both HR and DX1, loved the handgun and a well placed baton stun. But the automatic rifle and machine pistol are especially great I think because they look and sound really good, too. Especially after you've modded the machine pistol haha. I don't use it a lot because I usually try to ghost lol (I'm a big silenced rifle fan if I'm not going pacifist, in which case I just melee) but it's a great little gun. All the reload sounds, like you said... same for the silenced or tranq rifles. Just aesthetically satisfying to use, reload, fire, etc.

There's room for improvement and the gunplay isn't all that great. I mean, it's not quite something like Global Operations (CS clone that had some of the best guns, bullet velocity depth penetration, and the best sounding guns, its AK, outside of Payday 2)... but it was better than I expected for DX, and at least aesthetically they nailed it.