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Originally Posted by Dusk Golem

An ex higher up in Capcom talked about Capcom's take on the reception of Resident Evil 6, and their thoughts on Resident Evil 7 back in 2013, and mentioned Capcom thought horror was liable again, but pointed to Walking Dead and Tomb Raider as evidence of this, so take that as you will.

Other small mummerings and things, but nothing big recently.

I feel like Revelations 2 was the result of their Last of Us and Tomb Raider inspiration. I hope that RE7 doesn't take inspiration from any of it and just continues their own path. I enjoyed Revelations 2 for what it was and let's leave it at that. They know how to make tension and horror elements in their game, what their problem is, is how to cater to the REmake type of crowd. From what I've gathered from all the latest titles is that people enjoyed Jill's sections in Revelations, people enjoyed Revelations 2, people like Leon's early (?) part of RE6 and people like Lost in Nightmare RE5 DLC.

I don't want them to remove all the combat, melee and mobility from RE6. RE6 was downgraded in terms of melee from RE5 (where characters in RE6 shared melee moves and the melee options weren't that many) and RE5 had a huge amount of melee options if you met certain requirements. I don't really have a suggestion on how to keep all of this from RE6 while making RE7 still tense etc, because all the melee option does make the game alot of easier even if you have a limited ammount of bullets. Maybe just keep it for the Mercenaries and the extra modes? Or make that stuff unlockable, upgradable?